Structure Leasing & Engineering was founded in 2002 as a company dedicated to the application and permitting process for CLEC's to occupy, lease space, co-own, and attach to ILEC utility poles and conduit systems.

Headquartered in Gilroy, CA with 30 employees providing outside plant design, fiber and coax planning, project management, G.O. 95 and G.O. 128 inspections and Right of Way acquisition services all of Northern California from the Oregon border to the Grapevine.

Meet our Team

Our outstanding team of professionals know what it takes to take a project from and idea to a successfully completed project!

Ramon Delgado

Ray delgado


Richard Guzman

Richard Guzman

Director of Operations / Project Manager

Nik Delgado

Nik delgado

Vice President

Cory Forneris

Cory Forneris

CFO / Office Manager

The Team